Who is Kayla Mackenzie?

Eloise Kayla McLeod born in Australia in 1938 a descendent of a pioneering family with considerable resources and tracts of land.

At the tender age of 15 headstrong Eloise eloped with a young soldier about to be shipped to Korea in April.  She married Toby Prtichard in April 1953 (the poor under privledged son of a factory worker and housewife) and after a 2 day honeymoon that resulted in her pregnancy he was shipped out and never returned from the war.

img016    Toby Pritchardmother as eloise     Eloise Kayla McLeod

Eloise gave birth to a daughter Marion Eleanor Pritchard on 1st January 1954.

James Campbell born in Australia in 1942 a descendent of the pioneering Campbell family one of the first families to settle in the Port Lincoln area. The Campbell family was extensive with 10 sons and 2 daughters they took up huge tracks of land on the Eyre Peninsula and the west coast of South Australia and worked hard to build an extensive fortune. They had an excellent reputation in the area for being good farmers, generous neighbors and friends and solid contributing citizens to the community.


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James was a widower with no children having lost his first wife in childbirth along with his child. At 26 he fell in love with and married Eloise Pritchard then a widow aged 30. There was no close significant family to object and they married in 1961 and had 3 children in quick succession, Ian, 1961, Kathleen 1963 and James 1964. James treated Marion like his own daughter and Marion then 15. responded to his care.

Both Ian and James died in infancy of unknown causes.

James died in 1970 from a farming accident. Eloise was devastated, but was now the sole heiress to a considerable fortune and large tracts of land. She had brought up her daughter in relative ignorance of the full extent of the fortune behind her.

In 1982, Kathleen married Hugh Mackenzie a distant cousin of her father’s who had come to do some family research. He was also independently wealthy.

kathleen and Hugh Mackenzie

In 1984 Kayla Eloise Mackenzie was born to Kathleen and Hugh. In 1986 and 1988 and 1990 Kathleen suffered 2 miscarriages and a still birth. Weighed down by the grief they decided not to try for more children.


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