Cassandra’s Passions and Pains

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Passion – Being a Writer

My greatest passion is writing. Being a writer is not a chore nor is it work. I invest longer hours than I ever have before and make far less income and yet I feel every day is a holiday, a play thing to be embraced. And I embrace my privilege of being a writer with great gusto.

Yes, sometimes its hard, when the words just won’t gel, or you have to discard 90 pages of your best writing to make the story viable, to know you will capture the reader’s interest.

And the pure joy of holding that print copy in your hand, to sign the title page for a keen reader.

I love to delve into the thesaurus or the dictionary to  find just the right word to shape the sentence to tell the story. Watching the words fill the page – if only in their first draft when they don;t make much sense even to me at times and then to see the polished, edited words melding into a story that will capture the readers imagination and interest.

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Then to meet my readers and talk to them about my books, my writing process and my characters knowing they will enjoy or have enjoyed my writing is fun, rewarding and a privilege.

Many people say to me ‘I have thought about writing a book’ and I say well sit down and do it. Many never will, but others like me will, they have no choice for their stories are crying out to be told and read.

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Passion – Animal Lover

When anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up the answer was inevitably a vet. I never thought of my stories as being a career.

My poor parents must have screamed in frustration as yet another ‘stray’ dog or cat would ‘follow’ me home. Or I would tame the feral cats that roamed the neighborhood. It wasn’t just cats and dogs, there was the passion for horse, learning to milk a cow, crutch a sheep, or rescuing baby joeys.
Life circumstances precluded a veterinary career so I dabbled in other things and have eventually become the writer I was perhaps destined to be, but didn’t know it. And perhaps it is for the best because I would struggle with the needless euthanasia of pets in any situation and even if it was the kindest solution for a sick or dying animal I would be constantly heart broken.

But animals have remained a big part of my life. Today I have three cats and a golden Labrador. They own and run the house and I would not be without them.



The black rescue cat with the golden eyes. It is always a case of ‘if I fits, I sits’. On my lap, in my handbag, on my hat (pictured), in a flower pot or on my keyboard. He is very talkative, likes to drink out of a running tap or the vase of flowers and sun himself in the window.

Motley (named after the band Motley Crue)




A rescue cat who loves to climb on bookshelves or on top of the hutch. He is an escape artist, often finding ingenious ways to escape his enclosure. The problem is, he gets out, get frightened and immediately comes to the front door and demands to come back in.  He loves to catch rodents, the only problem is he brings them in to the house – alive. Then lets them go. One day he brought a huge rat inside and there we were – me, my vision impaired mother, four cats and a dog chasing this vermin around the house and we couldn’t catch it. the house looked like an earth quake had hit – furniture awry, curtains falling down, broken dishes and broken brooms. In the end Mum and I were were laughing and crying so much we couldn’t even see the rat let alone catch it. I am for ever grateful to my son who came to our rescue and quietly and calmly dispatched our unwanted visitor.

Ginger Megs

megs wash face


Ginger Megs  (Megsy) was named after that mischievous red headed boy in cartoon. Megs is a gentle little boy who loves to lie on his back in my arms like a baby. He is a very talkative little boy and he loves the dog.

And last but not least

Charlotte – 10 year old golden lab

charlotte July 07

Excellent with people, kids and cats. Eats anything she can suss out including green paint. She also has the dubious skill of being able to open cans of pet food. This she does in the middle of my bed. Hence I have a big lock on the pantry. She is obedience trained and even went to visit old people in a nursing home for a while.

And just in case he gets his nose out of joint I’ll add my mother’s little boy – Sandy Mac to the file. He is still young, mad as a hatter, boisterous, talkative and cuddly (when he wants to be)

sandy mac

Pet Pain – Shopping

I am often told I am a strange female as I do not like shopping. Whether it is grocery shopping, shoe shopping or dress shopping.


This is what it feels like.

but before you get to the aisles you need to wrestle with the trolley locks. find a $1 or $2 coin in your purse to release one trolley for your use. I never seem to have the right change and have to go to the checkout to exchange silver for a gold coin or a note for several gold coins. Grrrrr



Then you need to find your items and guess what the staff in their wisdom have shifted my favorite stuff 3 aisles over or deleted the line altogether. Meanwhile I have lost track of my list and bought at least 3 items I don’t need. You know those tempting items like chocolate. Grrrr


And when the trolley is full, my handbag is usually at the bottom. plastic bags


And in deference to the environment here in my home state we have banned plastic bags… well perhaps not. I can buy environmentally friendly plastic bags for 15c each if I forget my reusable bags which I inevitably do. Grrrr

And then in many of my home state supermarkets the car parks are built on a slope. Ever tried holding a loaded trolley on a slope it seems determined to run down, unload the groceries, deal with the screaming child, hold your hand bag and NOT scratch the car.



Not quite how my trolley takes off across the car park but the result is the same. Grrrr

But never mind the internet has saved me. Oh what a beautiful thing is on-line shopping.


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