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I was a closet writer for several years before I finally got brave enough to share my work with anyone. i joined Eyre Writers Inc, a creative writing group in the seaside town of Port Lincoln and found knowledge, support and appreciation of myself and my work and this was when my writing really began to improve.

My first attempt at writing a book was a 100,000 words family saga novel, but after a workshop on ‘How to write a Mills and Boon’, I became fascinated with the romance genre and embarked on a new direction—writing the romance novel. After several attempts at getting published in the romance genre life took a sudden turn and writing took a back seat to university studies and working in the not for profit sector in marketing and volunteer management.

After being made redundant from the job I loved in 2011 I became a carer for my frail, vision-impaired mother and turned to fulfilling my dream of becoming a writer.

When I am not writing I enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially my three wonderful adult children and two adorable grandchildren.

I also enjoy egg decorating and carving, reading of course, relaxing with my three cats and my dog and cooking when I am not writing, which is not very often these days.



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