Rylee’s Ten Missing Years

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a passion for horses and that has continued even today. For a few years I was lucky to have owned a horse.

When I decided to write Rylee’s story in Blood Ties a Broken Heart I wanted to use horses for the backdrop. As a resident of Adelaide South Australia I was also ideally situated to attend the International Horse Trials held every November. First at Gawler (just outside Adelaide) then in the city parklands where interest and attendances have grown.



I have attended the Trials a couple of times and have always been amazed at the standard of riding and the expectations on the horses. The jumps are huge and the cross country course challenging while the dressage is performed to perfection. As a rider of mediocre ability, I knew just enough to both admire the competitors and to feel the fear behind the huge demands.


For my heroine, Rylee in this story has been a high level competitor, but after finding out her best friend Arden St Clair cheated she lost the heart to compete. When she also found out the man she loves, Arden’s brother condones her actions her heart is shattered and she flees to her family home in Tasmania. Rylee’s father still blames her for her little brother’s death, but gives her job on his Standard bred/Clydesdale stud and training facility for harness racing.

Harness racing

Horses have always been part of Rylee’s life unlike me who spent most of my time dreaming about them.

Here she works hard to satisfy her father’s demands and to forget Ash. She learnt to drive a sulky when she was just a school girl and she quickly got back into the rhythm of early starts and training.

clydedale 2

Rylee took part in the social life of the town and dated, but never found any man who could fire up the spark of interest in her that would have had her falling in love. The only man for her was Ashford St Clair.

To be released 20th March 2015 by Totally Bound

Blood Ties a Broken Heart