Reading and Writing

Cassandra’s Current Reading List

Today someone asked me the strangest question. ‘If I only had one day left and time to only read one more book what would I read’.

I have been an avid (passionate prolific reader) all my life. My taste in books is very eclectic, always has been. but it was easy to answer that question. ‘The Day of the Triffids’ by John Whyndam

My grandmother gave me the book to read, she was herself a great reader. the whole apocalyptic thing fascinated me and still does. One day I want to write a book of the same ilk.

They say as a writer we must read. One can ask why and I am not sure I can answer that. I read for pure enjoyment, but now as a writer I read also to appreciate other writer’s use of language, techniques and story telling ability. These are my peers and it is fascinating to get an insight into their work.

I have just recently finished reading 3 books by South Australian authors.

The first a YA fantasy by Wendy Noble

Great read. Wonderful fantasy world, believable characters and a story that draws you in. I thought the dragons were gorgeous, their characters so well defined and the interactions with Seeger intriguing.

Looking forward to number 2.

The second book was a romance by Trish Morey

Product Details

Fabulous love story set on the Yorke Peninsula South Australia. Pip has a second chance at love after 10 years away. Will she take it. Are the obstacles of long held secrets too high to surmount. Can she and Luke work things out and find love to match their passion for each other that will last forever. Loved it, fast paced, page turning story and great ending.

And the third… again a romance – well it is my genre after all.

Again a South Australian author, Victoria Purman and a SA setting this time the wild and beautiful Kangaroo Island. Calla is on a mission to find her estranged brother and in the process she find handsome hero firefighter Sam and falls deeply in love. But life is complicated and they have a rocky road to their happy ever after. Plenty to keep the reader turning the pages.

So what’s next for Cassandra
watch for the next post to find out…