Not belles-lettres maybe, but the romance novel is ‘fine reading’ nevertheless.

I love being a writer, and in particular, a writer of erotic romance. Even though there are those who would disparage the romance genre by saying it is not ‘real writing’, I would strongly disagree.

Romance novels have a long and rich history beginning in the 18th century, one of the first being Samuel Richardson’s Pamela published in 1740. And of course we have Jane Austen with Pride and Prejudice in 1813, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre in 1847 and Georgette Heyer published The Black Moth in 1921.

Who could be disappointed in being in such good company? Although the ‘romance genre’ is a much more complicated beast these days as it metamorphosis’s to meet a rapidly changing society and views on romance, love, relationship, marriage and sex. Despite these changes the core of the romance novel has not changed – a story focused on the development of the romantic relationship between two people usually with a happy ending either ‘for now’ or ‘forever’.

And despite the focus on the developing relationship many romance novels are well written with great dialogue, complex interesting characters, inspiring locations and intricate relationships between the characters. And there is plenty of choice for the discerning reader; intriguing romance, sweet romance, Christian romance, erotic romance, horror and thrillers or even paranormal. Tastes for all, with the certainty that the hero and heroine will have a satisfactory ending. And we all want that.

We all desire to find ‘true love’ – an opportunity to find a soulmate with whom we can build a sustainable, rewarding relationship; a person to share companionship, friendship and intimacy.

And I, as a writer, feel privileged to be able to share the joys of falling in love with you, my readers. To provide an enjoyable platform to allow you to dream, fantasize, and hope for what might be or to refresh your perception on what you might already have.

I say to people believe true love can appear at any moment, and if you are lucky enough to have already found true love, invest in it and treasure it. Read a romance regularly and ignite that ‘loving feeling’ to add, a drop at a time, enrichment to your relationships.


Ignite Passion – Read a Romance  

Romance novels can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Romance novels can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.