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During the development stage of a new project In my writing I feel it is essential to fully know ones characters. Who they are; their culture, values, principles and where they would draw the line in the sand if forced to?  I also like to give each one little quirks and at least one trait that is easily recognizable to the reader.


I have often used a book on baby names with a short analysis of the zodiac signs in the back to shape my characters personalities.  It explains to parents what to expect of their child’s personality by what star sign they are born under. While it is not necessarily totally accurate (on assessing myself an Aries, I find both accurate and way off) but it is an interesting way to find personality traits for a character. It helps me keep it consistent and often offers traits that I might not think of.

The traits can be used as a source of conflict within the story, matching the characters to an occupation, giving them a temper or a natural sense of adventure. I enjoy the way I can drill down into each star sign and deepen my character’s personality so the reader can truly get to know them.

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Of course there is much written about star signs and their love/relationship compatibility with other signs? Some say opposites attract and there’s probably plenty of anecdotal evidence out there to support this. Does this opposition make it harder to maintain a relationship or does it just make it an interesting match.  Are people just naturally quiet, laidback or fiery or can it be attributed to their star sign?

The star signs of the zodiac are divided into four element categories. Fire, earth, water and air. Do these elements mix—what about fire and water? Personality wise would one extinguish the other?




Not according to one article I read. They propose that Aries (fire) and Pisces (water) are a perfect match, but suggest Virgo’s (earth) and Pisces (water) will make mud so romance is out. Mmmmm.  Aries with an Aries—loops an ego clash or Aries and Gemini (air) a delightful match, then there is Cancer (water), and Scorpio (water) also touted to be great matches. I would suggest if water and earth make mud, then fire and water would be a total disaster. But then that’s only my thoughts.  In my case Aries and Taurus—considered challenging.

There is much much more to be taken into account with astrology that I have little or no knowledge of but it is fun to match or mismatch my characters personalities according to the star signs.

 And what about the Chinese Zodiac—for example taking my year

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Year of the Dog (1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030)

Dog people are noteworthy for their loyalty and honesty in any relationship. They also focus their interest in a specialty subject, giving their whole heart and soul into it, be it a hobby or a career. They stick strongly to their principles of fairness and justice, and they also have great creative problem-solving skills. Dog individuals are challenged most by their need to criticize and their innate nature of having “sharp tongues.” As friends and lovers, they can be very trustworthy, but with special someone’s, they can be quite unforgiving because they tend to hold grudges till they feel they have been appeased. They have a profound need for a good, long-lasting relationship, making them loyal for life especially when feel they have found their perfect mate.

I can only apply it to me—some fits some does not, But then again my ex-husband was also a Year of the Dog again some fits and some does not.

So what do you think?

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I think perhaps we should be looking for that chemistry in the first instance then finding out if we have shared explicit or implicit fundamental beliefs, concepts, and principles that underlie and guide the decisions and behavior of each of us.  Some of the things that will hold us together when the first passion of being ‘in love’ fades. They say it lasts about 2 years. Of course reading the stars is an interesting side exploration into our potential life mate, I think it might be precarious to rely too much on what the stars predict even if it works for my heroines and heroes.


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