Blood Ties a Broken Heart


When Ashford St. Clair takes the rap for his sister’s horse doping, he loses his true love, Rylee O’Shaunessy. Is it too late for love when he finally admits his mistake? 

When Rylee returns to Adelaide to take over her godmother’s stables, seeing Ashford St. Clair brings back memories of past events—when he sacrificed a promising equestrian career and alienated Rylee in the process.

Ash is determined to win Rylee back and they reach an uneasy compromise when their passion for each other is reignited. But the deeds of the past still haunt the present, threatening their relationship. An old enemy returns to cause trouble for Rylee—Ash’s sister, Arden—the one who brought about Ash’s downfall in the first place. She makes it clear that there’s no room for Rylee in Ash’s life and she’ll do anything she can to make sure that the lovers remain apart.

Will Rylee come to terms with the mistakes she and Ash made in the past and learn to love and trust each other again?



She halted her scan of the gathered mourners. He stood at the back of the crowd, different, but the same. She was attracted to, and yet repulsed by, the familiarity of his features. A barrage of emotion slammed into her chest, clenching her heart in a vice of anger entwined with unrequited passion. Only Regan’s relentless grip on her arm ensured she stayed upright as her knees buckled under the unexpectedness of his sudden appearance. Her throat, already dry and rasping from grief, now burned with sandpaper dryness as she tried to swallow. She stared at him, mapping every contour of his beloved face, the tinge of gray at the temples, the new lines around his eyes. She wanted desperately to reach out and touch him, to feel the smoothness of his tanned skin under her fingertips, her body sizzling inside with unbridled sexual need. In her mind, she heard his voice, smelled his scent, and remembered the taste of his mouth on hers. Her chest clamped tight against the sobs that threatened to choke her.

A whimper of agonized misery escaped from between tightly compressed lips, and Regan squeezed her hand, thinking to comfort her in her grief. Beyond responding, she clutched frantically to the last threads of composure as she stared silently at him.

Ashford St. Clair, the love of her life, the destroyer of her dreams. Her beloved, who had turned his back on their love when he had very publicly put his sister before Rylee in a nasty tangle of horse doping, misguided loyalty and lies.

Then he was gone, farther back in the gathered mourners. She searched the unfamiliar faces surrounding her with a despairing need to find him, to catch another glimpse of the man she loved.


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